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    We organize professional and best Teambuildings for companies, and this is due to the many attractions available in the Gorzelanny hotels !
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    4 business and conference rooms
    We present you 4 fully equipped banquet halls - conference

Teambuilding in the Mountains

Teambuilding events are an excellent opportunity to get to know yourself and your employees from a completely different perspective. Such events held at our hotel will help you and your team relax and “recharge your batteries” for the work ahead.

We can organize:
  • integration events
  • company celebrations
  • team-building events
  • picnics
  • theme parties

We provide:
  • complete equipment for participants
  • training and insurance
  • attractive pricing
  • VAT invoices

Feel free to view our detailed offer for companies. Download here.
noclegi w górach, pobyty w górach, wczasy w górach

Tethered Balloon

An innovative aerial attraction for tourists aged 4 or more, offering a safe way to enjoy views of the countryside from the altitude of 80 m. For approx. 10 minutes, two passengers are strapped to special seats and taken up by a helium balloon with a lifting capacity of about 300 kg.
noclegi w górach, pobyty w górach, wczasy w górach

Ropes Course

Ropes courses, which originated in France, provide excellent entertainment. Rope activities teach participants control, responsibility, balance, and how to master the fear of danger and height. Rope parks are networks of high-altitude platforms and rope challenges installed in trees or on poles. They can be used by adults and children aged 8 and above, with a minimum height of 130 cm.

Starting in April, visitors to our rope park can test their abilities on bridges, walkways, beams, loops, nets, and various types of downhill rides: on a ladder, a trapeze, or a skateboard. They can also try additional attractions: the Big Swing and the 200-metre zip-line ride over the Forest Bathing Area. We can prepare a custom program of activities that will bring out your employees' strengths, boost their team spirit, allow them to unwind in an active way, and give them more energy for their working duties.
noclegi w górach, pobyty w górach, wczasy w górach

Swimming Pool at the Gorzelanny Hotel

While staying at the Gorzelanny Hotel, our guests can use the swimming pool, wading pool, dry sauna, steam bath, and Jacuzzi at a 50% discount ‒ 10 PLN/person/hour.
noclegi w górach, pobyty w górach, wczasy w górach

Bowling Alley at the Gorzelanny Hotel

Our professional and modern 4-lane bowling alley features a bar and a dance floor that can accommodate up to 250 people. It is a great place to have fun, compete with friends, and try your hand at a game of bowling. Are you looking for a way to boost the team spirit of your employees, have a good time, or experience an exciting bowling tournament? For groups, we can organize bowling tournaments combined with teambuilding activities.
noclegi w górach, pobyty w górach, wczasy w górach

YASUMI Health and Beauty Institute

The Gorzelanny Hotel SPA is a realm of harmony and serenity away from the daily grind. It is a place of luxury where you do not feel rushed and where your stress and problems melt away. Our SPA offers soothing treatments perfect for business people, for whom the relaxation of mind and body in a different setting is necessary to recharge.
noclegi w górach, pobyty w górach, wczasy w górach


One of the most attractive and highly popular additions to teambuilding events is riding ATVs, also known as quads ‒ all-terrain vehicles that can handle all kinds of obstacles and go over cliffs, hills, valleys, or marshes. They are the perfect choice for those who enjoy challenges and exciting adventures. Our offer includes recreational ATV rides combined with driving lessons, as well as more extreme expeditions complete with outdoor games, obstacles, and races.
noclegi w górach, pobyty w górach, wczasy w górach


You are welcome to participate in our paintball events. Paintball is a sport that involves shooting paint-filled gelatine balls from special guns. The participants are divided into teams and assigned a variety of missions and tasks. Cooperation and the leadership skills of team members greatly influence the outcome of the game. That is why, since its invention, paintball has been used by companies around the world to facilitate team integration. It is also a great way to recover from stress and take a break from everyday life.

Everyone, regardless of profession or lifestyle, can take part in paintball games. In this sport, men and women compete on an equal footing, and age plays no role. It is intelligence, quick thinking, resolve, and determination, not strength, speed, or agility, that are the key factors for success.

Archery Range

The archery range is an excellent place to challenge your colleagues to a competitive target practice. The cost of renting two lanes and two professional bows is 400 PLN.


Every event planner hopes that the participants have a good time and remember the event for a long time. A Segway will be a unique addition to any meeting, conference, teambuilding event, or festival. Segways inspire enthusiasm and can be enjoyed by anyone between the ages of 5 and 105. In addition, their intuitive and easy operation makes them equally attractive for users with different physical capabilities.

XBOX 360 Kinect

The Xbox 360 console with a Kinect sensor was designed with entertainment in mind. Using their own body movements to control the action on the screen, players can hold a game of tennis, a car race, etc. A motion sensor, camera, and microphone allow the device to receive feedback from reality and transfer it to the console and onto the screen. The games teach different skills through play, entertain, promote exercise, and (in the case of some games) boost the competitive spirit.



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