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Group Coaching

Zbigniew Maciejewski – Multi-Level Coaching specialist. He graduated from the “Sieć“ Coaching School at the “Plus” Laboratory of Psychoeducation and Therapy in Wrocław (approved by the Polish Psychological Association) and a two-year coaching college in Warsaw.

He continues his professional development by taking classes at the Family Helping School ‒ advanced level (systemic approach) in Wrocław. He has completed an Aggression Replacement Training course in Warsaw and a Drama Therapy for Coaches course in Warsaw. In addition, he hones his qualifications and skills at the Lower Silesian Psychotherapy Centre.

He holds workshop activities of his own design, based on the TIE (Theatre in Education) drama therapy method developed by the Forum Theatre, for many target groups: psychologists, educators, teachers, therapists, uniformed services, managers, and executives. He has extensive experience in creative teacher education and in motivating students to learn.

His professional interests include the applications of drama in group processes. He teaches drama therapy at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. He cooperates with the “DR CLOWN” Foundation in Opole, holding workshop activities for volunteers.

He cooperates with municipal offices, various organizations, foundations, and schools, designing and holding workshop activities for different target groups. For the past 7 years, he has co-authored and implemented the “School Free of Drugs and Violence” Project, under which he supports the efforts of headmasters, police officers, and teachers in developing appropriate strategies. He also works with integration teams, supporting them in the development and implementation of effective ways of cooperation. He works with many public-private partnerships across the country.

Since 2012, he has been responsible for interpersonal workshops for the Uniformed Public Services under the “Safety in the Opole Voivodeship” Project organized by the Foundation for the Development of Local Democracy in Opole (FRDL Opole).

Since 2013, he has been responsible for interpersonal workshops for teachers under the “School Closer to the Law” Project organized by the Regional Chamber of Counsels in Poznań.

Under the “Open Door into the Future” Project organized by the Foundation for the Development of Local Democracy in Opole (FRDL Opole), he has been responsible for the training of the teaching staff of the Public Middle School in Dobrodzień.

He develops and implements his own projects related to issues such as difficult work situations, e.g. conflict in groups, teams, or other interpersonal relationships.

He has experience coaching groups to optimize the functioning of team members. As a personal coach, he supports his clients in developing management skills and in career planning. He has extensive experience with systemic coaching. As a mentor, he supports his clients in developing new thinking and acting strategies, e.g. through helping them overcome internal resistance and fear. For years, he has remained true to his passion ‒ paragliding ‒ which he has pursued in many parts of the world.

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