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  • noclegi w górach, pobyty w górach, wczasy w górach
    SPA Yasumi - Special offers
    Instytut Zdrowia i Urody YASUMI w Pokrzywnej - Discover the beauty!
  • noclegi w górach, pobyty w górach, wczasy w górach
    SPA Yasumi - Special offers
    Instytut Zdrowia i Urody YASUMI w Pokrzywnej - Discover the beauty!

Discover the beauty - SPA YASUMI

We present to you Special offers available at the SPA Hotel Gorzelanny . We offer holistic care of body and soul , individually matched to your needs and expectations. A detailed list of all procedures performed at the Institute of Health and Beauty Yasumi in Pokrzywna can find here.

Name Description Price
A moment of relaxation
( Nourishing and moisturizing )
• body scrub with sea salt , brown sugar , citrus oils that stimulate the senses , perfectly peel dead skin and moisturize the skin ( 30 min)
• facial massage with cream high nutritional supplement that regenerates, gives a feeling of comfort and restores lipid levels in the skin (20 min)
• facial treatment with Collagen deeply moisturizing and smoothing fine lines (40 min)
• paraffin for hands (30 min)
Relaxation in SPA • facial massage performed on Modelling - nourishing serum and moisturizing the middle of restructuring fortified with vitamin E (15 min)
• refreshing face mask in the form of a gel with a fresh scent perfectly cleanse the skin of impurities and toxins , removes the signs of aging , promotes natural exfoliation restores healthy looking skin . (30 min)
• 3 -component moisturizing body scrub with sea salt and brown sugar oils (lemon , mandarin and orange ) (30 min)
Heady relaxation for two For him
Exclusive stone massage - massage, during which you will have the opportunity to experience an unforgettable moments of glorious , and then compare their experiences during the session muzykoterapeutycznego enjoy a drink . Duration about 1.5 h.

For her
Desquamation of the stratum corneum using cosmetic peels - smoothing the skin. Will finish body massage treatment . Duration 1.5 h.

Session in the sauna complex (30 min) - dry sauna or steam for two.
Package - Marine Treatment
(Nourishing and Moisturizing)
• wet session in the bath (15 min)
• exfoliating treatment for hands HAND Peel ( peeling + bath for tired and damaged hands + mask for hands ) (25 min)
• cosmetic treatment for the body based on mud or citrus mask + wrap ( occlusion ) (40 min)
Like a real man
• 1 x session in the dry bath (10 min)
• 1 x Orient Express- hot stone full body massage (90 min)
• 1 x treatment green lotus - relaxing ritual mask body (30 min)
or treat facial skin ( oksybrazja + massage with revitalizing serum ) (20 min)
INDOCEANE package Indoceane package is an extraordinary journey into the land of beauty and relaxation . Is for people who are interested, in need of relaxation and wellbeing , the treatment in which body and mind reach a state of complete rest and relaxation .

The stages of our journey:
• Stage I - Mediterranean - 3 -component body scrub with sea salt , brown sugar and citrus oils (coconut , berries , pistachios and orange ), (30 min)
• Stage II - India - massage using massage elements and techniques drawn ayurwedyjskiego taken other parts of the world (60 min)
• Stage III - China - creamy mask based on rice germ oil for nourishment and radiance of the skin ( 30 min)
Birthday package For her
OKSYBRAZJA dermabrasion water - intensive peeling oxygen with oxygen and a stream of dispersed droplets of saline. Finish massage treatment ampoules containing individually matched to the client's skin .

For him
NOURISHING MASSAGE is a revitalizing treatment. Thanks to its application improves the elasticity of the skin and connective tissue , and stimulates the weakened muscles . While performing the massage nutrient can afford to complete relaxation.
For him: 130zł/50min

For her: 50zł/40min



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